Tuesday, March 11, 2008

VIM Configuration

Recently , I installed Ubuntu on a computer in the lab.
It's been a long time to handle linux configuration files for me.
When I use VI, my favorite text editor, I encountered unusual
VI environment where I can't use cursor keys to move around
the editor. Moreover there's no auto highlighting on syntax
and no auto indentation.

Yes, I needed to configure VIM and I did !
Followings are what I did for make them work in VIM.

1. Make cursor keys work !
  • First, download vim-full !
  • Type ' set nocp ' in command mode of VIM for temporal or in vimrc ( .vimrc for users ) file for permanent setting
2. Auto indentation
  • Insert ' set autoindent ' line in vimrc file

3. Auto highlighting
  • Insert ' syntax on ' line in vimrc file

4. Etc.
  • Rather than what I described above, there are more configuration you can change in configuration file (vimrc file ).
  • Each user can define own configuration file with .vimrc at the home directory

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