Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TDD in Perl

Pair programming in 'Agile software development training ' was stunning experience last week. There are lots of things I learned about Extreme programming. Among them, I thought I could apply TDD in my routine.

I learned it with my pair programmer under Python environment,
my favorite language is per and I think Perl can do what Python do
even through lots of people against it.

Today, I search the CPAN library for test environment of Perl.
Among the test modules for various purposes, I think below
2 modules are enough for me to follow what I learned in the
training course.


Exam code using Test::Simple

use Test::Simple tests=>1; # indicate how many tests in the code
ok ( $expect eq $result, 'Test1');

Exam code using Test::More

use Test::More qw(no_plan); # Possible not to determine how many tests
ok ( $expect eq $result, 'Test1')
or is ( $expect eq $result, 'Test1');

ok(foo() ,1, "Todo2");

sub foo {
return 1;


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