Monday, March 17, 2008

Planning, studying, working in the way of Agile

How long do you work in a day?
8 hours? 9 hours? 10 hours? or entire day except
6 hours of sleeping?

Then think about what proportion of your working
time you are actually working? efficient? productive?

It might be around 50% or less. If you can stay
entire working time in a efficient mode, you
actually don't need to work in the company now
you are working at because you might be the
guru in the field !!

What I experienced in the Agile training was
that I was so concentrated and efficient
if I controlled the working process.

Planning before actual working with concrete
goal and time limitation. Work with time limitation.
And retrospective thinking after each process.

Since there's time limitation, I was concentrated
on what I need to do without any other thought
taking my brain.

Since there's concrete goal, I, in any form, finally
have a result on it.

And for the retrospective process, I could know
what was problem , what was needed more and what
should be done in the next process.

I think it could change my routine entirely and so my life
if I apply this Agile process to my life.

The first step getting into Agile way,

1. I will plan a day with Agile
2. I will work according to the plan
3. I will retrospect for a day.

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