Monday, March 19, 2007

Pros and cons of Toxicogenomics

Toxigogenomics in Risk Assessment

  1. Prioritization of chemical lists
  2. Deciphering mechanisms of action
  3. Identifying biomarkers of exposure
  4. Identifying biomarkers of toxicity
  5. Cross-species extrapolations
  6. Identifying species sensitivities
  7. Analysis of mixtures toxicity

Toxicogenomics based toxic mechanism prediction

  1. Used to rank and prioritize the potential toxicity of NCEs in early stage of development
  2. Toxicities observed in models(mouse, rodent, dog, etc) are not relevant to humans since mechainisms of action are not conserved across species.

Impediment of toxicogenomics

  1. Lack of uniform study design
  2. Multiplicity of normalization and analysis strategies
  3. Questionable reproducibility of microarray data across the platforms
  4. Semiquantitative nature of proteomics
  5. Limited availability of metabolite annotation
  6. Absence of data quality control measures and standards
  7. Lack of effective data sharing and reporting standards

Toxicogenomics Standards


Toxicogenomics DBs

Lack the ability to integrate toxigogenomic data across chemical and biological space to mechanical pathways and networks

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